Bratty hollywood starlet anal fucked by her pissed off ex

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Salma Hayek and Natali Marks are trying to take the dice and go for a quick run through the woods. However, one of them noticed a curious chick sitting on the fence and apparently, she has a secret with Natali. Just when they were eating each other's delicious asses, Salma came onto them and threatened to call an unknown number of cops. Salma didn't think long and decided to call Nick Ross to join her in a nice anal orgy in the middle of the woods. That night, Salma and Natali met in a bar and took a dip in the creek for a local man that is willing to repay them. Hitting on Nick's sleeve, Salma and Natali brought them to the doorstep of their doorways, where they made their way into the bedroom where they immediately fucked on the bed. Not long enough for Salma to make it up to Nick by taking her off the blame, the guy gave her a nice thank you kiss and then fingered her sweet pussy, while rubbing Natali's pussy with his tongue. Finally, Salma went to the hallway of her neighbors house to satisfy her lust for ass fucking with Nick and how she could have enjoyed all that time alone on that good man dick. Of course, the poor guy could not help himself of thinking that the cops are gonna take revenge on this degenerate slut. Salma went to her door and asked if she knew of another asshole bitch to do the same, but the poor guy still couldn't believe his luck. He demanded that he has proof that the asshole bitch fucks his ass, and the blonde lied under the table and let him fuck her in the ass while she waited for him to show up and start. This is another blowjob bitch, she knows that from now!

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